What Our Clients Are Saying

Sandy Dixon

Tahir Mella's office does not pull any punches. They were up front and honest about everything that could and could not happen with my case. I was never left in the dark. Best Immigration Law firm around.

Jackson Jones

I am very happy to give this law firm a five star rating. Everything was explained about our situation very thoroughly and they gave us a lot of confidence in our future. Everything was timely, organized, and professional. Thank you again Tahir Mella and staff.

Patricia Schulte

Thank you for fighting for our family. It was a long journey but we have the best outcome possible. We are forever grateful

Kevin Campbell

Tahir took his time to answer all of my questions. A+ service from start to finish.

Danielle Gibbs

Very professional, explained every step with details that were simple to understand

Donna Elmwood

Excellent service from start to finish


James Lee

Tahir Mella and his team and the BEST Immigration Lawyers in PA!!!

Brian Woodworth

Best Immigration Attorneys in Philadelphia!

Luis Ramos

The Greatest Immigration Law Firm! Tahir had extensive knowledge of the process and my family and I had a wonderful outcome! Thank you, Tahir Mella!

Jennifer Elizabeth

Outstanding professionalism! From the receptionist to the legal team, I was most impressed with how I was treated, as though I was the most important person in the firm. Best Immigration Lawyers!

Arelis Hernandaz

"Lo Mejor"

Stefani Uguna

Estoy agradecido por su consejo y guía a través de este asunto. Impresionante abogado de inmigración, gracias

Jose Lopez

Me gustaría agradecerle por su tiempo y apoyo durante el proceso de solicitud de visa. Gracias por ayudarme a obtener el resultado deseado que necesitaba. Tienes que ser el mejor abogado de inmigración en Filadelfia.

Ayla Avilez

Best immigration lawyer in Philadelphia

Javier Herrera

Estoy muy agradecido por su ayuda, ¡hizo que la seguridad de mi visa de inmigrante fuera exitoso y fácil!

Maria Marta Antunes

A great lawyer and very sharp. He knows his field very well. I trust him with every case I presented to him. I have one hundred per cent trust in his abilities to deal with any immigration situation. He is the best and I know him since 2001, only great things to talk about Mr. Mella. Thank you for everything you done for me and my family and friends through out those years.

Javier Morales

Tahir Mella is a great Immigration Attorney. He is very helpful and he cares a lot about his customers. I had a wonderful experience working with Mr. Mella and I totally recommend him to everyone.

Diego Ramirez

We would recommend Tahir to anyone looking for legal immigration advice, he is quite knowledgable. His professionalism, honesty, and genuine interest in our case made this difficult and stressful road easier to go through.

Sandra Candia

Excellent lawyer, I recommend them extensively since I deal with them with immigration and thank God and lawyer I got my residence, they just have to be patient as the procedure is step by step and it is also depending on the case of each person, I hope let this information serve you.

Camila Varges

Choosing Tahir Mella's office was the best decision I have made. I felt protected and cared for during my representation. I feel Tahir Mella is the Best Immigration lawyer in the Philadelphia area.

Jaqueline Rodriguez

El mejor servicio una gran atención , siempre dispuestos atender las preguntar que tenia son los mejores sin duda alguna responsables , honestos y una personas muy humildes .

Emily Mathers

We had a fantastic experience with Tahir. The staff was helpful & friendly every step of the way for my immigration case.

Pablo Santario

Excellent law firm!  Fantastic results, great lawyer's that will help you with your work immigration case!

Ichi Ichi

I will always remember your kindness and support. Thank you very much! Words are not enough to express to you how grateful I am for the help you gave me. ...i've been to several lawyers and handed over my case but just end up paying so much money for nothing. I strongly recommend tahir mella's law firm !! The office had walk me through every step of the way, from getting my green card and finally acquired a naturalized citizenship here in united states. Everyone is this law firm had showed so much professionalism and unconditional support. They're always willing to find the best solution to your immigration case. Again thank u so much for all your help, and may you continue to touch more peoples lives in guiding them to achieve their goals.

Sandy Dixon

Tahir Mella was extremely attentive & reliable!

Rebecca Porter

Excellent communication and accommodating staff at all time!

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