Restrictions on Asylum Seeker Work Permits

News outlets across the country are reporting that the Trump administration has employed a new rule that applies to asylum seekers who apply for work permits. The previous deadline of waiting 150 days after filing an asylum petition has been extended to 365 days. The rule also prohibits those who crossed the border illegally from obtaining work permits.

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Why are O-1 Visas Being Denied?

Highly skilled immigrants may find it challenging to enter the United States due to a new policy update. On March 11, the Trump administration issued a ban on O-1 visas given to immigrants with extraordinary abilities in their field. This ban ultimately forced immigrants to find alternatives to legally enter the U.S. Those currently interested in these alternatives should contact a qualified immigration lawyer to obtain a national interest exception.

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Green Card Wealth Test Blocked by Judge

Many opponents of the green card wealth test were pleased when a federal judge stopped the proposed plan in late July. Although the government has not been halted from using a wealth test to evaluate green card applicants, the move has given non-citizens hope that they will have one less barrier to obtain citizenship.

What is the Green Card Wealth Test?

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Businesses Bring Suit Over New H-1B Visa Rules

Industry groups that represent business owners, manufacturers, and retailers brought suit against the Trump administration alleging that the President exceeded his authority when he announced a plan to halt several work visas that allowed hundreds of thousands of high-skilled foreign workers to hold jobs in the U.S.

The suit was filed on July 21 in federal court in San Francisco against the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department,

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How can I Sponsor Relatives for a Green Card?

Now more than ever, families need to stick together. One way to achieve this goal is by sponsoring family members to become lawful permanent residents of the United States. Helping relatives obtain green cards can be a challenging process, so it is important to understand the proper steps. There are forms that must be completed and evidence to show proof of the sponsor’s status and familial relationship,

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New Visa Rules for International Students

In addition to record numbers of casualties, the current COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted daily lives and caused widespread uncertainty. As the fall season approaches, educators at all levels must make decisions about whether to offer in-person classes. Many health experts are recommending a completely virtual approach to prevent a surge in cases, but this approach may have unintended consequences for international students.

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