What are the New ICE Guidelines Regarding Immigrants Convicted of Sex Crimes?

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will be issuing new guidelines for their agents; this recent information is based on internal emails and memos obtained by The Washington Post. According to sources, the previous administration allowed ICE a wide latitude, and the new administration is trying to assert more control. Though the revised plans are not final,

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Executive Order Issued for Halt on Deportations

The Biden administration recently made some major policy changes that could impact U.S. immigrants. President Biden committed to the 100-day halt on deportations when he was campaigning last year. On Inauguration Day, he signed 17 executive orders, six of which were immigration-related directives.

What is a 100-Day Halt?

President Biden ordered a 100-day halt on deportations of some undocumented immigrants,

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What is the U.S. Citizenship Act 2021? 

On January 20, the president sent Congress a comprehensive immigration reform package, entitled the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021, to Congress. The bill seeks to reform legal immigration, address the root causes of migration, and improve the economy for the long-term. It is estimated that there are almost 11 million foreign nationals in this country illegally,

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How can I Obtain an EB-1 Visa?

In order to obtain an EB-1 visa in the U.S., applicants must display that they possess an extraordinary ability as demonstrated by a record of achievements in their field. EB-1 visas, which confer certified employment-based immigration status, can be issued to experts in the field of medicine, the arts, education, business, and athletics.

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Are There Issues Regarding At-Home Births for Undocumented Immigrants?

Consistent prenatal care is important for expecting mothers and their unborn children. It improves the chances for healthy outcomes by teaching pregnant women about proper nutrition and self-care and allows caregivers to check for potential health problems. Experts have said that the chance of having a baby with a low birth weight is three times higher for mothers who lack this important care.

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