Philadelphia Welcomes Detained Immigrants

May 9, 2019

Philadelphia immigration attorneys represent immigrants facing deportation.President Trump recently announced in a tweet that he will be sending detained immigrants to sanctuary cities; cities where city government authorities do not assist Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in detaining immigrants. New York City, San Francisco, and Philadelphia are among the numerous sanctuary cities in the United States.

Trump expressed frustration at the Democrats for their unwillingness to change immigration laws. The White House and Department of Homeland Security stated earlier that it was no longer considering the option of sending detained immigrants to sanctuary cities. However, even though the White House stated the contrary, in his tweet, Trump tweeted that by sending detained immigrants to sanctuary cities, “The Radical Left” would be very happy with their “Open Arms, Open Borders” policy.

Philadelphia Responds

Mayors of sanctuary cities accepted Trump’s challenge and stated they would welcome them, including the Mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney. In response to Trump’s tweet, Mayor Kenney stated that he would welcome these immigrants just as they have embraced their immigrant communities for decades. Various other critics accused the White House of trying to use immigrants as pawns against political opponents.

Federal Courts Reject Retaliation Against Sanctuary Cities

Recently, federal courts struck down the Trump administration’s attempt to terminate federal grants to Philadelphia for its lack of cooperation with ICE, seeking to detain and deport immigrants. With the surge of migrants at the southern border, the agency has been busing people to distant cities and releasing them. This practice of transporting people to distant cities is unfeasible and expensive. Local non-profit groups have been left with managing these immigrants and assisting them in making travel arrangements back to their home countries.

Under the Trump administration, ICE has been arresting people who have been living in the country for years and have criminal records. Sanctuary cities prohibit ICE agents from working with the city’s court system and police to detain these individuals. Congress has indicated that it will work on an immigration reform bill. However, if the Trump administration continues to push for detention and steps up arrests, immigrant communities will be under threat of deportation.

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