Green Card Application Freeze Lifted

President Biden recently ended the freeze on green card applications that former president Donald Trump enacted in April 2020. The revoked freeze allows immigrants to apply immediately for green cards instead of waiting until the end of March 2021. While the freeze did not block American citizens from bringing their spouses or children to the […]

Executive Order Issued for Halt on Deportations

The Biden administration recently made some major policy changes that could impact U.S. immigrants. President Biden committed to the 100-day halt on deportations when he was campaigning last year. On Inauguration Day, he signed 17 executive orders, six of which were immigration-related directives. What is a 100-Day Halt? President Biden ordered a 100-day halt on deportations of some […]

What is the U.S. Citizenship Act 2021?

On January 20, the president sent Congress a comprehensive immigration reform package, entitled the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021, to Congress. The bill seeks to reform legal immigration, address the root causes of migration, and improve the economy for the long-term. It is estimated that there are almost 11 million foreign nationals in this country illegally, […]

What Changes Have Been Made to the Citizenship Test?

When most people think about the immigration process, they often think of the citizenship test. The citizenship test is an oral test given to those looking to gain citizenship in the United States. The questions often discuss American history and the political system to determine how well a potential citizen knows America. However, those interested in becoming a citizen […]