When Should I Retain an Immigration Attorney?

June 13, 2019

Philadelphia immigration attorneys help clients with all their immigration concerns.Immigration to the United States can be complicated. Knowing when to rely on an immigration attorney is crucial for streamlining the process. There is no requirement by law to retain or have attorney representation when applying for immigration to the U.S. Application for immigration by a U.S. citizen for a family member, such as a parent or a child under the age of 18, is generally a straightforward matter if the parent or child has a clean record and a good medical report. Though an attorney can assist with the paperwork for consular processing and communicate before and after the application with the consulate, an attorney is not present during consular processing overseas at a U.S. consulate.

Deportation and Removal

When an individual is under threat of deportation or removal, it is crucial to consult an attorney. An attorney is necessary to argue the case before a judge and present evidence in a persuasive manner. Attorneys are trained professionals and are knowledgeable of case law and legal authority that can be used to persuade against removal and deportation. It is of utmost importance to consult and retain an attorney in these cases because a judge’s decision can ultimately bar one from remaining or re-entering the U.S.

Potential Threats

The U.S. immigration policy is designed to bar individuals it deems a threat to the U.S. Therefore, individuals with criminal histories, drug abuse, drug trafficking, terrorism, or contain infectious diseases may be denied entry due to their background or medical condition. Individuals who are known terrorists, Nazis, or criminals are also screened out.

The immigration process includes verification and investigation of the applicant. It also includes a medical record to ensure that the individual is not suffering from a communicable disease, has all the vaccinations necessary, and is mentally stable. Furthermore, the U.S. allows immigration of an individual who will become dependent on U.S. welfare systems. Applicants need to show they have sponsors and others who will support them financially.


People may be turned away from airports or other ports of entry if they are found to be inadmissible. Even permanent residents who are found inadmissible later may be denied entry into the U.S. A permanent resident who stays out of the U.S. may also be found inadmissible by virtue of living abroad for too long. In these instances, an immigration attorney can assist in applying for waivers to inadmissibility. An attorney can also identify the issues of inadmissibility and address them, such as obtaining diagnoses from another physician or mistakes on your application.

Employment Concerns

Often, employers hire immigration attorneys when hiring foreign workers. Sometimes, small business owners or mid-size firms expect the worker to hire an attorney to process their employment-based immigration paperwork. Either way, employment-based immigration is a long and complicated process that requires a trained attorney.

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