When Can I Get a Passport After My Naturalization Interview?

December 3, 2019

Vineland immigration lawyers provide help regarding naturalized citizenship and passports.For people immigrating to the United States and planning to become naturalized citizens, the naturalization interview is one of the final steps in the process. Afterward, many naturalized citizens immediately want to get their U.S. passports. However, they need to follow a process.

After the Naturalization Interview

Passing the naturalization interview is the second-to-last step in receiving citizenship. The final step involves taking an oath of allegiance to the U.S. during a naturalization ceremony. Sometimes, naturalization ceremonies are held on the heels of the naturalization interview. Other times, they are scheduled days or weeks later. It all depends on the schedule of the location where the interviews and ceremony take place. When the naturalization ceremony is finished, recent naturalized citizens receive a Certificate of Naturalization. The Certificate provides proof of citizenship, which is necessary to obtain a U.S. passport.

When to Apply for a U.S. Passport

After receiving the Certificate, the naturalized citizen can use the legal documentation to begin the U.S. passport application process. U.S. passport applications can be accepted at post offices, as well as some federal buildings. In fact, the U.S. passport office may be in the same location that the naturalization ceremony took place, although this varies. Therefore, immigrants about to become naturalized citizens should always investigate where to apply for their U.S. passport after the ceremony.

In general, naturalized citizens will want to start the U.S. passport application process immediately because it takes several weeks to obtain a U.S. passport. No one should make international travel plans, even to Canada or Mexico, until after receiving a U.S. passport.

Items Needed for a U.S. Passport

As part of the U.S. passport application process, naturalized citizens will need to fill out documents and temporarily give up their original Certificate of Naturalization, which will be returned later in the mail. Additionally, naturalized citizens should get two photos taken to use for their U.S. passport. Many places take U.S. passport photos for a small price, including pharmacies. The fee to obtain a U.S. passport changes periodically. Naturalized citizens should find out the amount before going to the application center.

Waiting for a U.S. Passport

Some naturalized citizens find that the hardest part about getting a U.S. passport is waiting for it to arrive. It is important to be patient, as the average waiting period is anywhere from three to six weeks. Depending upon how backlogged the government is, naturalized citizens could wait two months or longer for a U.S. passport. Once one receives their U.S. passport in the mail, they can use it for 10 years and easily renew it. A U.S. passport is a must-have document that verifies citizenship and makes it possible for naturalized citizens to freely travel abroad, as well as back and forth to their country of origin.

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