Pennsylvania Senator Calls Immigration a Defining Issue for 2020 Election

August 16, 2019

Philadelphia immigration lawyers understand immigration is a defining issue and will fight for your rights. Free consults.Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey recently weighed in with his thoughts on immigration and the role it will play in the upcoming 2020 election. During a recent appearance on America’s Newsroom, Toomey spoke out against the concept of sanctuary cities and the threat he feels they pose to national security and prosperity. In fact, Senator Toomey recently introduced the Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act in May to withhold certain forms of government funding in cities that protect low-priority immigrants by limiting cooperation with federal immigration agencies. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney has a different take on the subject. He says Philadelphia is proud to be a city that welcomes all of those who seek haven. Immigration continues to be a divisive issue, and will no doubt take center stage in the upcoming presidential election.

Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act

Several Republicans support Toomey’s effort to shut down sanctuary cities by reducing their federal funding. In addition to cutting funding to sanctuary cities, the legislation would end the policy, preventing local law enforcement officers in these communities from working with federal immigration authorities. Toomey sees Philadelphia as one of the most concerning sanctuary cities in the nation, calling it a magnet for dangerous criminals who are here illegally.

On America’s Newsroom, he echoed the President’s sentiment that immigration will be the defining issue of 2020. He equates a vote for the Democrats with a vote for open borders and an invitation for dangerous criminals to roam the streets. Back in 2018, a bipartisan majority of Senators voted in favor of the Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act, but it did not gain the number of votes needed to surpass a filibuster.

The President and Sanctuary Cities

Earlier this year, the President announced on Twitter that he was considering releasing immigrant families in sanctuary cities, including New York City, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. He said he would do so in response to Democrats’ unwillingness to revise immigration policies. The White House and Homeland Security quickly shut down this idea and the plan has since never materialized. In response to the President’s announcement, Mayor Kenney said Philadelphia would be open to accepting immigrants with open arms, just as it has been for decades.

Immigration and the 2020 Election

At least 20 candidates have announced their intention to run against the President next year, and all support some path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented men, women, and children living in the United States. Some candidates acknowledge the contribution immigrants offer the economy and call for comprehensive immigration reform. With both sides refusing to back down, immigration will inevitably be one of the defining issues of the upcoming presidential election.

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