Freed High School Student Unsure About Future in United States

July 11, 2019

Philadelphia immigration lawyers help those facing deportation.Immigration has become one of the most trending topics today. For one southwestern school and community, the subject of deportation has hit home in a very personal way. One of their own high school athletes is at risk of being sent away from the place he has lived since he was a child. The student at the center of this high-profile case is a well-liked teenager who has lived in the U.S. for years.

His hopeful story took a sudden turn for the worse when he was stopped by law enforcement for a traffic violation. During the routine traffic stop, he admitted that he was not in the United States legally to the officer. According to reports, he did not have a driver’s license because he was not authorized to be in the country. Upon hearing the boy’s admission, the office contacted Border Patrol, who then placed the teen in an immigration detention center.

The family who had taken the 18-year-old into their home for years turned to social media to make the world aware of the event and pressure the authorities to release the boy from the detention facility. They also started a GoFundMe account to help pay for the teenager’s anticipated legal fees.

Released from Detention Center

After detaining the teen, officials released the young man. However, he is now under the auspices of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) instead of Border Patrol. More than 100 of his classmates have protested his detention. Many of his supporters are hoping that law enforcement will stop working with immigration authorities. A Department of Justice Executive Office for Immigration Review judge will eventually determine what his future will hold. ICE has not offered a statement regarding the specifics of the case. In the past, high schoolers around the boy’s age and without proper documentation have been forced into deportation proceedings.

Options for High Schoolers and Adults Brought to the U.S. in Youth

Many undocumented teens and adults live in the U.S. because their families brought them to the country when they were very young. These people are now in a difficult situation because they consider the locations where they lived for a decade or more to be home. Without help from legal professionals, they risk being sent back to their country of origin.

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