British Family Detained at Border

November 26, 2019

Philadelphia immigration lawyers help detained families.In October, a family was placed under arrest for illegally crossing the United States border. A border patrol agent arrested the British citizens, even though the family stated they accidentally made a wrong turn into the state of Washington. The family told officials that they drove down an unmarked road to avoid an animal in the street, taking them from British Columbia, Canada to Washington.

Despite the family of seven’s story, they were still placed under arrest, due to a violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Border patrol officials stated that they believe the family tried to cross the border undetected, but had a story planned if they were caught. Due to their experience, the family filed a formal complaint with the Department of Homeland Security, which included their reports of inhumane conditions in the facility.

Trauma of Being Detained

The family claimed that they suffered from trauma due to the conditions they lived in during their time as detainees. They claimed that their three-month-old infant had to sleep on a cold concrete floor the first night. The family also reported that the facility did not have any essentials for their three-month-old, such as formula. Similarly, the items that they arrived with were confiscated. According to the National Public Radio, the family claimed that the facility did not have any clothes for the child, which forced the family to leave him naked while they cleaned the clothes he arrived in.

Similar reports included frigid temperatures at night. According to the family, the facility does not turn on the heat at night, despite temperatures being in the 50s. The inhumane treatment and lack of resources led to the child’s health issues, which allegedly included a swollen eye and blotchy skin. These inhumane conditions are only a small part of the emotional turmoil felt by the family.

These reports are not isolated events. Many immigrants across the U.S. face inhumane conditions in detention centers. Therefore, it is important to contact an immigration lawyer to help with those facing deportation issues, green card assistance, and citizenship concerns.

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