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Kimberly Perez

Paralegal, Submissions Department

Kimberly is a first generation Mexican-American. She was born in Brooklyn, New York but grew up in Pennsylvania.

Growing up, she witnessed how her parents worked full-time jobs and took on work on the side in order to provide for their family. Her parents’ industriousness and work ethic certainly robbed off on Kimberly. She has worked in various industries and in various capacities – as a shipper/packer, line cook, front desk receptionist, chef, assembly line worker and even a caregiver. She truly epitomizes dignity in labor.

She joined the firm in October of 2019 as a paralegal whose main responsibility is to assist lawyers in preparing submissions for court. She has impressed us with her dedication, commitment, hard work and exceptional organizational skills.

A native Spanish speaker, Kimberly intends to pursue law studies and make a difference in the lives of immigrants like her parents.

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